Deionized water making machine for laboratory

Laboratory dionizer:

Deionizer or Double RO is a system consisting of a cationic column and an anionic column with resin capable of producing pure water or ion-free water.

In the world of medical equipment, the consumption of pure water is one of the vital needs, for example, one of the uses of pure water or so-called ultra-pure water in the dialysis machine. The dialysis machine puts the minerals the body needs into the bloodstream if they are not high in the blood. These substances first dissolve in pure water and then enter the bloodstream, so the presence of 100% pure water is absolutely essential.

Uses of Ultra-Pure Water in laboratories and sensitive industries such as pharmacy and HPLC tests, water required for autoclave, research applications in semiconductor sources, washing of electronic components, circulating flow of cooling water of electronic circuits, water jets, furnaces Is inductive and..

The price of an industrial ionizer depends on parameters such as the discharge capacity of the device and the quality of the parts used.

Characteristics of laboratory ionizers manufactured by Peyman Taj Ryan:

  • Ultrapure water with an electrical conductivity of less than 0.4 µs and 0.5% TDS ppm 
  • Three fiber and carbon pretreatments, membranes and resins
  • Automatic shut-off system when the inlet water is cut off or the tank is full
  • Use of UV rays for sterilization and disinfection.
  • Nominal capacity 8 to 16 LPH
  • Direct washing system
  • Dual reverse osmosis system
  • Storage tank 5 or 10 liters
  • Online check of outlet water quality
  • Use ion exchange filters
  • Electric harvesting valve
  • Based on indigenous knowledge
  • The price is right
  • Long life of filters
  • Guarantee the authenticity of the goods
  • Easy to install and use
  • One year warranty and 10 years after-sales service


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