Industrial water purifier

Production and manufacture of industrial water purifiers (water desalination) in capacities of 5000 to 1000,000 liters per day. Used for salt and brackish water.

The design of the device is based on the quality of incoming water and the specifications required by the customer. Suitable for growing various agricultural products (including pistachio cultivation), hydroponic greenhouses, food production, pharmacy, cooling, drinking water production and drinking water for livestock and poultry .

By using reverse osmosis desalination water, water salinity can be reduced up to 95%.

The device includes the following steps:

Pre-treatment (first): A sand filter used to remove suspended particles.
Pre-treatment (II): Carbon filter used to remove chlorine, organic compounds, chemicals that change the color and taste of water.
Pre-treatment (third): Fiber filter used to remove suspended particles larger than 5 micrometers.
Purification (Fourth): RO membrane filter to remove all soluble and insoluble water.

Other features of the device:

View the amount of treated water and effluent of the device
View TDS specifications of device inlet and outlet water
Ability to build the system portable

اسمز معکوس آب شیرین کن
Economical+ Economical Professional
Stream Stream Pentax Inlet pump
LEO Shimge Lowara Class pump
Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Stainless steel Chassis
stainless steel + UPVC Propylene stainless steel + UPVC piping
Auto+EC meter Auto+ECmeter Auto & ROC Electrical panel
Vontron Vontron Filmtec Membrane brand
ISAS ISAS Etatron Dosing pump
CIP System
Auto Flush System
Increase recovery
1+1 1 1+1 Sand / activated carbon refining tank

water refinery

آب شیرین کنآب شیرین کن صنعتیآب شیرینکنآب شیرینکن دریاییاسمز معکوسرورس اسمزنمک زدایی

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