Dosing pump

“Dosing pumps” or “metering pumps” are able to pump (inject) an exact amount (specific dose) of a fluid. Therefore, they are also called “injection pumps”.

Dosing pump is a small positive displacement pump. A dosing pump or precision injection pump pumps a chemical or acid or base into a stream of water, steam, or gas. Dosing pumps are used in a variety of applications from agriculture, industry, manufacturing to medicine

It should be noted that the flow of these pumps is adjustable and according to the line pressure, they perform the injection operation.

The actuators of these pumps are electric (electromotor), solenoid (electromagnetic), hydraulic or pneumatic.

It is important to note that in centrifugal pumps, the flow rate changes as the pressure changes, so they are not suitable for use as dosing pumps.


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