Fiber filter

It is the most common and widely used water filter, whose task is to remove sand, mud, soil, sludge, sediment and physical particles of water. Water enters this filter by pressure and by passing through its wall, impurity particles in the filter Caught and not allowed to cross. The fiber filter is made of polypropylene fibers. What is the height and diameter of the fiber filter; It depends on several factors: 1- The volume of water used per day 2- Water pressure 3- Mud and water particles

The higher the build quality, density and accuracy of the filter, the clearer the water will be, but the higher the accuracy, the lower the water pressure. Fiber filters are layered. In such a way that the outer layer is less compact and the lower layers are more precise and compact. This type of structure causes a uniform distribution of suspended particles deep in the filter and will extend its life.

The point to note about fiber filters is that they are not washable and reusable, and if they expire, they will pass impurities and damage other filters. The worse the filter, the darker the color.

The life of these filters depends on the consumption and inlet water, but can generally be used between 3 to 6 months.


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