Industrial Dionizer (Ion Exchange Dionizer)

Deionizer is a system consisting of a cation column and an anion column with resin that can produce pure water or ion-free water. The main applications of this device:

Detergent production line
Soap production
Production of cosmetic creams
Production of perfumes and colognes
Production of toothpaste
radiator water
Saline glass water

Peyman Tajhiz Ryan Company is at the service of  ones with industrial ionizing devices in various dimensions and capacities.

Ultra-Pure Water with conductivity less than 4 µs and 0.5% TDS ppm
Three pre-treatment of fibers and carbon, membranes and resins
Automatic shut-off system when the inlet water is cut off or the tank is full
Use of UV rays for sterilization and disinfection.
Nominal capacity 3000 liters per hour and above
Autoflash washing system
Double RO or RO plus resin system
Online check of outlet water quality
Use ion exchange filters
Based on indigenous knowledge
The price is right
Long life of filters
Guarantee the authenticity of the goods
One year warranty and 10 years after-sales service


DeionizerDouble ROIndustrial DionizerIon Exchange Dionizerion-free waterUltra-Pure Water

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