Pressure vessel

A pressure vessel or pressure vessel is a membrane housing
Pressure or (housing membranes) are used in water treatment systems or in the manufacture of RO devices. Depending on the type of use, it is made of fiberglass or steel and can withstand high pressures.
Membrane housing or RO housing is one of the most sensitive housings of water purifiers. This housing has the most important part of water purifiers for home purifiers, namely the filter.
Full-name names:
• Vessels
• Pressure vessels
Membrane Housing
Membrane shells
• Membrane compartment
The differences between the vessels are in shell material, diameter, length, feed inlet and outlet, compressive performance range, temperature performance range, pH performance range, and different sizes of input and output ports and port location. The pressure vessel is made to the size of the membranes and its structure is proportional to the shape of the membranes.


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