Reverse osmosis membranes

Membranes Membranes in the reverse osmosis system are the most important and sensitive part of the water purifier. Because the required operating pressure is directly related to the thickness of the membrane and the diameter of its holes. Also, the membrane should be resistant due to constant contact with chemicals added to water and should not react with inhibitors and anti-fouling agents and biocides (Biocides). RO membranes are a thin layer that do not allow certain ions to pass through their membranes. According to the ability of membranes to remove ions from solutions, its main application is to remove salt from aqueous solutions. Before 1990, cellulose acetate was used to make membranes, but was later replaced by polyamide compounds, because polyamides have the ability to remove higher salts with less energy consumption. Due to the ability to remove insoluble ions from the solution without changing the phase of this membrane is used to remove salt and TDS of water.


Membrane ROاسمز معکوسممبران آبممبران اسمز

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