Solar water purifier

Production and manufacture of industrial solar reverse osmosis water purifiers (water desalination) in capacities of 2000 to … liters per day. Used for salt and lip water.

The design of the device is based on the quality of incoming water and the required specifications of the applicant. Suitable for cultivation of various agricultural products (including pistachio cultivation), hydroponic greenhouses, food production, pharmacy, cooling, drinking water production and drinking water for livestock and poultry .

By using reverse osmosis desalination water, water salinity can be reduced up to 95%.

The device includes the following steps:

Pre-treatment (first): A sand filter used to remove suspended particles.
Pre-treatment (II): Carbon filter used to remove chlorine, organic compounds, chemicals that change the color and taste of water.
Pre-treatment (third): Fiber filter used to remove suspended particles larger than 5 micrometers.
Purification (Fourth): RO membrane filter to remove all soluble and insoluble water.
Solar power supply system includes: panel, inverter, battery, and control panel

Other features of the device:

  • View the amount of treated water and effluent of the device
  • View TDS specifications of device inlet and outlet water
  • Possibility of making the set portable (for ease of movement by suitable conveyors)
  • No need for mains electricity (suitable for remote areas)
  • Power supply required by sunlight using solar cells
  • Possibility of selling electricity produced by the solar system to the electricity company when not using the water purification system

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