Consulting and necessary water sales equipment

Water selling is one of the pristine businesses in Iran. You need an RO pack to do this economic activity. That includes all the filters you need from sand to osmotic, pre-treatment sections, pumps, tanks and fittings.

Of course, this set also includes initial consulting, installation, training and after-sales service.

Features of this water purifier pack:

It is completely hygienic with all the connections and valves of the drinking grade
They can be used without electricity and the solar osmosis system can be used.
The system input can receive all kinds of water, with any purity and of course the water output is of excellent quality.

This system can be implemented in two ways:

No operator, fully automatic and intelligent
Ordinary, along with the seller

water refinery

پک تصفیه صنعتیشغل آب فروشیشغل پر درامدفروش آبمغازه آب فروشی

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