The most advanced device for distribution and management of card water withdrawal for organs and treatment plants

Using this device, water distribution is done in the form of cards. By preparing and charging RFID cards from the relevant official, people can collect water 24 hours a day.
Distribution of water by card (drinking and non-drinking) fairly:

  • Can be used to sell tanker and gallon water
  • No need for an operator and 24-hour operation
  • Ability to install fixed (wall, stand as a stand) and mobile (on the tanker)
  • Establish order, especially in critical situations such as earthquakes and droughts
  • Commissioning, installation and troubleshooting by a person with little technical knowledge
  • Starting with city electricity as well as car battery and solar panel and wind turbine
  • Metal body to resist weather and environmental conditions
  • Moisture insulation of electronic circuits for operation in high humidity environment
  • Send a crash message to the relevant operator in case of any problem in the system
  • Very easy to use with audio guide
  • Ability to activate and deactivate the device by remote management
  • Send the total water withdrawn from each device to the management at the specified time
  • Complete accounting system with reporting
  • Determine the price and seasonal expiration
  • Charge the card based on liters and cubic meters
  • Charge the card to the desired amount and preset amounts
  • Ability to block a missing card
  • Record custom voice messages with local languages ​​and dialects
  • Determining the limit on the daily withdrawal ceiling

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